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In association with Tribeca Studios, we set out to tell the stories of people who were told they couldn't active something. We found people who challenged the status quo—and prevailed. To date we have created two series of short films. The first is titled, The Unbelivers. It revolves around people who bettered the lives of others by breaking unwritten rules of society. The second is The Key Changers. Again we set out to find agents of change, but this time we looked at these renegades through the lens of musical artistry.

The Unbelievers Series

The Unbelievers: Burnell Cotlon

Meet Burnell Cotlon. It’s been years since Hurricane Katrina, and most people have given up on New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward. Not Burnell. He thought the neighborhood was worth saving. Somebody had to do something. And that somebody was him.


The Unbelievers: Enchroma

Meet Don McPherson. Don and his collaborator, Andy Schmeder, did something people said couldn’t be done. Something that sounded impossible. They created glasses that allow the color blind to see color.


The Unbelievers: Jessamyn Stanley

Meet Jessamyn Stanley. An unbelievable yogi. She took personal struggle and turned it into empowerment for an entire community. As a teacher, activist, and author of “Every Body Yoga,” she’s fostered a revolution of body positivity, self-love, and self-care that breaks down cultural stereotypes.


The Key Changers Series


The Key Changers: Little Nora

Meet Nora Brown. A 12-year-old girl is supposed to do things a certain way. Listen to certain kinds of artists. Play certain kinds of instruments. They’re certainly not supposed to play century-old banjo music that bridges cultural and geographical boundaries. But Nora Brown isn’t your ordinary 12-year-old. She’s redefining what a young musician can and can’t do.


The Key Changers: Chappo

Meet Chappo. To find commercial success, most bands have to compromise. They have to adapt and cater to the desires of a mass audience. But in their 8 years together, Chappo has never compromised. Unapologetically committed to their creative identity.


The Key Changers: Kafari

Meet Kafari. Having faced economic hardships growing up, pianist and bones player Kafari saw the transformative power of music in his own life. He knows that music has a greater power. The power to heal. The power to lift you up. Now, as a community artist and teacher working with the most marginalized people in society, he gets them to open up to music in the same way.