The Big Book Of Bai Projects

The Big Book Of Bai Projects 

After three years of working at Bai we created way too much content for every project to have a featured page of its own. Below is a collection of some of the other amazing creations we brought to life.

Top Secret TV Spots

Made for the campaign “The Best of Both Worlds” these spots were fully produced and blew the marketing team away by completely delivering on the brief. But it was decided that it was time for the brand to zig after it had spent so much time zagging, so these spots were sent to the vault of good ideas. But who knows, maybe they’ll make it to the airwaves one day.

:30 FlossFit

:30 Boatorcycle

Chopping Them Down

These spots were designed with digital in mind so they were both cut down into 15 and 6 second spots. These looked almost the same as their original 30s expect for one. The 6 for our FlossFit spot was…well it was a beautiful unicorn that came in the shape of a massive bodybuilder…

:06 FlossFit

The Coffeefruit Story

We always get asked how Bai can taste so good, have a kick of caffeine, and still keep out all the sugar? The problem was people thought the coffee plant was a one-trick pony, so we got them think again. We helped consumers unlearn everything they thought they knew about coffee by unlocking the juicy secrets of this super fruit.


In a summer where we needed a strong digital showing we wanted to bring the bold fruit flavor of our carbonation creations to life. So that’s exactly what we did. Working with Polish production company Ars Thanea we broke the internet with these bubbly animations.

Bai Black

After Bai launched their successful line of healthy fruit flavored beverages they wanted to go toe-to-toe with the sugary soda industry. But how do you convince people that they can have all that great flavor without all the sugary baggage that comes from soda? Especially when the soda giants have been selling the same formula for a century. In a world where we’ve gone from VHS to Blu-ray, and encyclopedias to Google, you remind everyone it’s time to bring soda into the 21st century.


Antioxidant Water

When Bai relaunched their antioxidant water we needed to find a way to say that they had become the only water on the market that was filled with antioxidants, pH balanced, and infused with electrolytes. So how do you tell the world that one water has it all? By realizing you’re not just dealing with water. That’s how we created the print and digital campaign It’s not H2O. It’s H2Everything.