Bai Social Media

Bai Social Media

The following is a collection of assets that show the social media voice that has been carefully crafted to represent Bai online. I love being involved every step of the way. From conception and physical creation, to coming up with copy that clearly communicates the core benefits. 

Mouthwatering Mashups

Bai discovered their core demographic has a huge presence at music festivals nationwide during the summer. In order to show audiences their beverages combine great taste and good for you, we combined 2 things that the Instagram-focused festival crowds love: fresh fruit and music.

Healthy Hacks

Being healthier should be simpler. And with Bai, it is. So this campaign is a tongue-in-cheek, gimmick-free guide to consuming fewer calories, drinking less sugar, and cutting artificial sweeteners out of your life. We use a little sarcasm, fun visuals, and Buzzfeed-esque headlines to poke a little fun at the world of unattainable resolutions—all while showing how easy Bai makes it to pick a healthy choice.

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